Technology: BlueCherry IoT

For more than 3 years DPTechnics engineers worked on creating a unique IoT-platform which we call BlueCherry. It's the first fully encrypted IoT platform which doesn't store your private data in the cloud. Therefore it's the only IoT platform which doesn't create a vendor locking, has very fast device response times and is GDPR compliant by design.


Smart devices, not smart cloud

In recent years many IoT platforms were developed, in all cases the focus was on the cloud and not the end devices. This has resulted in the development of dumb devices which can't do anything without their proprietary cloud platform. When BlueCherry was developed we maily focused on the edge devices to be smart. In that case the platform can be seen as an optional exension of the device.

Fast response times

Because BlueCherry devices have the complete software stack running on the device hardware the response from an action is blazingly fast. When no internet is used but only a direct device connection the latency is virtually 0ms. When the BlueCherry platform streams the device interface securely over the internet it still has low latency such as 30ms. This is achieved through our globally distributed server platform and custom designed router software.

Best in class at the lowest cost

Many IoT platforms are free, but this doesn't mean they have the lowest cost. These platforms earn money through data sales to third party advertising platforms. Your end users thus pay with their personal data. BlueCherry explicitly doesn't sell any data to third party companies, there even isn't any data in the BlueCherry cloud. Still BlueCherry offers premium IoT services at the lowest price in the market.

Billions of connected devices, huge potential

Internet-of-Things can revoltionize a wide range of industries. From smart cities in which air quality, parking spots, ... are monitored to the new smart lighting in your home. The R&D services of DPTechnics together with the BlueCherry IoT platform are the ideal cost effective solution for your company to benefit from these new developments.

How does it work?

Just like a telephone provider we have a network running on the internet. Devices connect to this network via an 'IoT modem'. Once a device is connected on this network it gets an address, just like a phone number. You can now connect to this device with your computer, smartphone, tablet, ... Their is no longer any need to install a proprietary app.

The platform allows end-users to control all their different IoT-devices through one simple HTML5 interface. BlueCherry however contains easy-to-use service provider and manufacturer control panels. This way it's possible to use the power of IoT to give your customers a better service. These remote monitoring functions are not transparent for the end-customer because he/she can always directly see who has access to their devices. This makes the platform fully GDPR compliant and ensures a high privacy control standard.