• DPT-Board

The DPT-Board is the Linux board built for the Internet of Things with loads of I/O, dual wired ethernet and WiFi. 

Create fast and secure Internet of Things applications in minutes, not days. The DPT-Board is packed with digital interfaces such as:

  • 8 high-power mosFET outputs with diode protections to drive relays directly with the board. 
  • 3 inputs that can withstand voltages up to 50V at high speeds. 
  • 3 GPIO ports with built-in level-shifter to 3.3V or 5V compatible with I²C and/or 1-wire
  • High speed UART which can work on 3.3V or 5V
  • Hardware high-speed SPI port
  • JTAG port
  • More than ten 2.5V GPIO ports
  • USB 2.0 port at 480Mbps

The DPT-Board has built-in WiFi connection and WiFi antenna with a speed of 150mbps and a long range antenna. The two fast-ethernet ports make it possible to use the DPT-Board as a router or you can achieve ultra-high availability by connecting to different networks. To drive all these connections the board is packed with the following powerful hardware:

  • 400MHz MIPS24Kc processor
  • 64MiB DDR2 RAM memory
  • 16MiB SPI flash memory
  • 2 times 100Mbps fast-ethernet 
  • WiFi g/n @ 150Mbps with on-board antenna
With enabled WiFi connection and full processor load the DPT-Board uses only 0.45W, this makes it ideal for 24/7 Internet-of-Things operation or even battery/solar-panel use.

While this board is great for prototyping it's also built for real-world deployment in products. The board is CE-certified and has been tested in a certified test facility which ensures your product will pass compliance testing without you needing to worry about the complex WiFi designs. 

Of course a the DPT-Board would be this great without it's software framework. All software on the DPT-Board is based on OpenWRT Linux and DPTechnics software frameworks for IoT. The DPTechnics 'DPT-Board-Serv' framework let's you write ultra-fast RESTfull JSON web interfaces in C. With libraries for GPIO, PWM, LCD displays, Servo, Database, user accounts, .... it's a matter of minutes to implement a robust application. If C is not your preferred language you can also use our built-in high speed Javascript interpreter 'DPT-JS'. Write applications as you would in node.js in the built in WEB-IDE. On top of that the board also supports:

  • C/C++ with the DPT-Board-Serv framework and libraries
  • Javascript with the DPT-JS interpreter based on duktape and libuv (node.js style)
  • Javascript with node.js
  • PHP
  • Python 
  • Lua
  • Erlang
  • Perl
  • Ruby
  • Bash/SED/AWK

The board comes with a built in BlueCherry account. BlueCherry is the next generation IoT-platform with enables anybody to create very secure IoT applications without the need to learn anything new. Just write your application as you would do to use it via your home network. Sign up for a BlueCherry account and connect your DPT-Board to the platform, you can now access your application securely from all over the world. No difficult cloud API's to learn, just code as you are used to. Check out https://www.bluecherry.io to learn more about this great Internet of Things platform.

Join the growing community and build awesome projects as of today. You can find even more information by following these links:

For quantity discounts, please contact us on info@dptechnics.com

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